Sleep Dentistry For Nervous Dental Patients

At Greenslopes Dental Studio, we offer a few sedation options for our highly anxious patients. We understand the need to feel relaxed during your procedure to the get the best dental outcome. The two different types of sedation we offer are Penthrox Sedation & Nitrous Oxide sedation.

Penthrox Sedation

Penthrox sedation, also known as methoxyflurane sedation, (or commonly known as the green whistle) is a form of inhalation sedation used in dentistry and other medical procedures. Penthrox is a liquid inhalation agent that is self-administered by the patient through a handheld inhaler.

Penthrox sedation provides a mild to moderate level of sedation and analgesia (pain relief) to help patients relax and manage pain during dental procedures. It is commonly used for short and minimally invasive procedures, such as dental extractions, fillings, or cleanings.

The advantages of Penthrox sedation include its rapid onset of action, ease of use, and quick recovery time. It allows patients to remain conscious and responsive during the procedure while providing effective pain relief. Although patient is not fully asleep or unconscious, this allows the patient to be in a relaxed state, making this the ideal choice for anxious patients.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Relative analgesia, also known as conscious sedation or inhalation sedation, is a technique used in dentistry and medical procedures to provide pain relief and relaxation for patients. It involves the use of a combination of nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas) and oxygen.

During relative analgesia, the patient wears a mask or nasal hood through which a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen is delivered. The nitrous oxide helps to induce a state of relaxation and euphoria, while also providing pain relief. The oxygen ensures that the patient receives an adequate supply of oxygen while undergoing the procedure.

The effects of relative analgesia are usually mild and reversible. The patient remains conscious and able to respond to instructions from the dentist or healthcare professional. They may experience a sense of relaxation, altered perception, and reduced pain or anxiety.

After the procedure, the nitrous oxide is discontinued, and the patient breathes pure oxygen for a short time to clear any remaining nitrous oxide from their system. The effects wear off quickly, allowing the patient to resume their normal activities without lingering sedation. This makes it a great option for younger patients that may require long chairside time or highly anxious patients for wisdom teeth or other dental procedures. Our team at Greenslopes Dental Studio will be able to advise you accordingly on which sedation option may suit you best.

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Sedation Dentistry