Porcelain Veneers by your trusted Cosmetic Dentist

Porcelain Veneers at Greenslopes Dental Studio is the ultimate smile makeover with minimal tooth reduction.

At Greenslopes Dental Studio, we are not only your cosmetic experts, we are also your family dentist that care about your function and aesthetics as well. That is why we will provide you with different options that are personalised to the results and function you need. Dr. Ken Pih and his team have over 20 years of experience and with over 130 + five star Google reviews, why not book your free consultation now to see why patients love our results. 

veneers patient greenslopes dental in brisbane

At Greenslopes Dental, we believe that everyone deserves to smile with great confidence. That is why we offer the highest quality porcelain veneers at the best possible all-inclusive package with our experienced Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Ken Pih and his team. No hidden fees, just pure dentistry to restore your teeth’s aesthetics and function.

We pride ourselves on our patients achieving a successful outcome with results that we can all be proud of. Have a look at these amazing veneers on our own team member, Bekk, who was thrilled with her new smile as a result of her customised veneers.

Rebekah, Dr. Ken’s patient can smile confidently with her 10 new porcelain veneers.

We have more real veneers patients before and after pictures to look at below.

How Much Do Veneers Packages Cost

We offer an extensive range of veneers packages including 6, 8, 10, 16, 18 and 20 Veneers packages, which typically start from $3000. All of our packages include a complimentary veneer assessment and virtual simulator experience.

Why Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are ultra- thin porcelain covers that fit directly over your natural teeth. The best part is we normally don’t have to remove much of your natural teeth. This allows for us to transform the shape, colour and alignment of your teeth for your dream smile transformation.

Simply put, our custom made porcelain veneers are designed to mask discoloured teeth and so much more. They can correct mild overbites, fill any unwanted gaps and even create the illusion of a straight teeth in mild crowding cases. All this can be done while maintaining most of your natural teeth. Why wait?

Our Smile Gallery Of Before & After Smile Makeovers

Before and after veneers GDS
Before and after veneers GDS
Before and after veneers GDS

About The Process

Step One - Obligation Free Consultation & Smile Design

Your first appointment is all about understanding what you would expect from your new smile. Firstly, you will be greeted by our experienced Treatment Coordinator who will do a complimentary 3D scan of your teeth. The revolutionary technology allows us to give you a simulation of what your teeth could look like after treatment with an ideal smile. Once the information is gathered, you will have an honest discussion with your Cosmetic Dentist about your dream smile and how best to achieve this.

Step Two - Case Acceptance

Once you choose to proceed, we will thoroughly clean your teeth (Health Fund only or $199 for our new patients) and take the before photographs. This is important to get the best result at the gum – veneer interface as any calculus build up may be detected by the scanner as part of the tooth. Any other tooth disease should be rectified at this point in time. This allows for us to move to the exciting part of your smile transformation, the tooth preparation and design.

Step Three - Tooth Preparation

Your teeth will need to be prepared to a certain shape in order to accept the veneers. This is usually a minimal preparation within the enamel layer of your teeth, necessary to accommodate a thin shell of porcelain to be able to deliver the ideal shape and colour for your teeth. The final measurements are taken to be able to design your new smile in detail.

Step Four - Reveal

Today’s the day for your stunning new smile reveal. We’ll adhere your newly crafted porcelain veneers to your teeth. Your new teeth will need protection especially against the forces of grinding that you may experience at night time in your sleep. You will be measured up for an occlusal splint, recommended for use every night. Final photographs will be taken to complete your case so you can see the amazing transformation.