Aesthetic and Medical Injectables

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Relax & Rejuvenate

“Our philosophy is to restore and rejuvenate your facial features, to embrace natural and clean aesthetics. We are not changing you or who you are, but bringing out the best in you. 

Our team prides ourselves in providing a holistic and curated treatment to support you through all stages of your life as we embrace positive ageing and natural beauty”. 

– Dr. Audrey & team

Relax (muscle relaxants)


Muscle relaxant are a non- invasive solution used for both medical and cosmetic purposes. It provides natural- looking results while also providing long term benefits by training your dominant muscles to relax over time. 

At GDS, we utilise muscle relaxants for medical & cosmetic purposes such as: 

  • Trapezius relaxers for chronic shoulder pain 
  • TMJ grinding & migraine
  • Gummy smile 
  • Haytox for hayfever
  • Relax unwanted facial lines like crow’s feet, frown lines & forehead lines 

Are you looking for a way to enhance your natural features without going for invasive surgery? Then, aesthetic and medical injectables may be the answer for you. The injectable solution is not only minimally invasive but we are able to customize a solution for you whether it be to restore volume loss, enhance facial contours or to smooth out wrinkles. 

Our medical and clinical team at Greenslopes Dental Studio will provide a complimentary consultation that includes a facial assessment to understand your needs so we can achieve your ideal results. 

Why wait to be the best version of yourself? Book in a treatment today with our cosmetic dental specialists.