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Gummy Smiles

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Do You Have A Gummy Smile? We Can Help

What is a gummy smile?

A ‘gummy smile’ occurs when a larger than normal amount of gum tissue is exposed during a smile.

A gum display or what is referred to as a ‘gummy smile’ occurs when a larger than normal amount of gum tissue is show and exposed during a smile, which may be unsightly in certain situations

A gummy smile often occurs when:

  • The upper lip has a problem and cannot cover the gum
  • There are issues with muscle contraction and the muscles controlling the upper lip may be hyperactive
  • The jaw bone has not developed as is required
  • There may be an issue with the development of the gums themselves or the teeth (or both)

How can a gummy smile be treated?

As the condition can be a result of a few different factors, you must consult with a certified and experienced dentist who may need to take some x-rays and perform various tests.

Available treatment options will address different aspects of the condition in relation to complexity, expected outcomes and costs. These options can include:

If you are a looking to correct any part of your gums, lips or teeth to assist with a gummy smile, make sure you book in for a consultation with Dr Audrey Hii today to discuss the best treatment for you.

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