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What are Veneers for your teeth?

A smile is everyone’s most important feature. That’s why no one likes having their teeth discolored, misaligned, or gapped. There are several solutions to these dental issues, one of them being veneers. Veneers can drastically improve the quality of one’s smile, filling in gaps, whitening, and reshaping teeth. Often times before deciding if veneers are right for them, patients have questions about them, how they work, about the procedure, and more. We have answered some of the more common questions about veneers here.

What are Veneers? 

A dental veneer is a type of restorative treatment which covers the front surface of the teeth. Veneers can be fitted over any number of teeth, however, for a nicer aesthetic look, 4, 6 or 8 veneers are usually recommended. Most people have them placed on their upper teeth only, but depending on what is visible in your smile, veneers can be placed on the lower teeth as well.

Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain or plastic placed over the front of one’s teeth with the purpose to change the color or shape. Veneers can be used for a multiple or reasons including helping patients with; uneven surfaces on their teeth, chipped teeth, discolored teeth, irregularly shaped teeth, crooked teeth, or gapped teeth.

Sometimes veneers can be alternatives to crowns, which have a similar effect and procedure but usually for a single tooth. Veneers are meant for a set of front teeth and are long-lasting. They have been remarked as a great method of masking tooth discoloration as well as correcting any irregular appearances to the front teeth.

What are Veneers made from? 

Veneers are made of two materials – porcelain or composite resin. Porcelain veneers are like little shells that sit over the front surface of the tooth. They are custom-made to fit precisely over the prepared tooth to replicate natural tooth structure and colour. Composite veneers are made by the dentist by applying a layer of resin to the required teeth, and then shaped to the desired appearance.

How long do Veneers last?

On average, dental veneers can last anywhere between 5 – 15 years before they need to be replaced, however, many can last longer depending on how well they are maintained both at home and with regular dental appointments. Whilst dental veneers are strong and durable, care and consideration should be taken to prevent chipping or breaking. It is recommended not to chew hard things (like ice) and to curb habits such as chewing on pens and fingernails to ensure longevity.

Should a dental veneer chip or break, we recommend booking in to see your dentist as soon as possible.