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Dental Monitoring

We know it can be tricky scheduling appointments between work, school, family, travel and everyday life for your Invisalign appointments. That’s why we have partnered with Dental Monitoring.

Dental Monitoring is a new app that allows your dentist to monitor your Invisalign treatment from the comfort of your own home, resulting in fewer in-office appointments.

How it works

Step 1: Book your Invisalign appointment with us today! We will help you get everything you need to start your smile transformation.

Step 2: Download the Dental Monitoring app to your iOS or Android smartphone.

Step 3: Take weekly smile selfies and send them to us using our specialised DM ScanBox. It only takes 1-2 minutes each week!

Step 4: These scans will get sent directly to Dr. Audrey so she can have a close, personal touch with your treatment plan without the inconvenience of coming into the practice every week. Dr. Audrey will communicate through the app, a phone call or schedule an appointment with you to make sure your Invisalign journey is on track.



Benefits of Dental Monitoring

  • Fewer visits to the dentist
  • Faster treatment results
  • Customised treatment plan for each customer
  • Improved communication between yourself and your dentist
  • Receive treatment updates from anywhere
  • Able to monitor dental hygiene and gum health weekly

Call us now to book a free consultation with Dr Audrey to see how DentalMonitoring for Invisalign can change your smile.