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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

What is Cosmetic Dentistry? 

We all know it’s important to have a regular check-up to make sure your teeth are strong and healthy, but we can sometimes forget the extra details that can help you achieve a confident smile. This is where cosmetic dentistry can help, from whitening to Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry is a broad spectrum all to create a beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry can help fix issues such as chipped teeth, discolouration, deformation, misalignment or even missing teeth. Your smile can make a significant difference to your confidence and overall oral health. 

How Do I know if I need Cosmetic Dentistry?

Unlike general dentistry which deals with your oral health, Cosmetic Dentistry largely focuses on the overall appearance of your teeth. There are several cosmetic dental treatments available at Greenslopes Dental. We can provide a thorough examination of your initial appointment and from there determine which treatment will work best for you. 

Teeth Whitening

One of our most popular treatments is teeth whitening. Having a bright smile can make you feel much more confident, whether you have an event coming up or just want to have a fresh smile, teeth whitening is a great treatment that you can receive from our team.

Tooth Straightening

Crooked teeth can cause self-esteem issues. We are Invisalign specialists, helping you achieve your best smile without bulky and awkward braces.


Crowns replace missing tooth structures and cover discoloured or misaligned teeth. The latest crowns are 3D printed to microscopic accuracy, to ensure a perfect fit. These crowns correct misalignment problems and ensure comfort.