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Avoiding Dental Emergencies this Christmas

Don’t forget to care for your teeth these holidays.

-Cut down your sugar intake
Over the summer holidays, we are bound to be a bit more indulgent than usual. From advent calendars to Christmas day desserts, we are often consuming more sugar over this time, and as difficult as it may sound, it’s a good idea to keep this intake as low as possible! We know it’s tricky, but your teeth will thank you for it.

-Less alcohol, more water
We know the silly season is a time for consuming more alcohol for most people. A refreshing drink is enjoyable, however, we recommend trying to keep the intake down, especially of sugary and coloured beverages as they can stain your teeth. And keep drinking plenty of water! Not only is this important for your teeth, but your body needs plenty of hydration, especially during the warm months.

-Don’t use your Teeth as Tools
With Christmas comes gifts and packaging. Whilst some of these may be difficult to open, it’s vital to remember to use scissors and not your teeth! You don’t want to have a chipped tooth for holiday photos after all.

-Mouthguards for Sports
Summer is the perfect time to be outside enjoying the warm, sunny days. This often involves playing games. If you’re likely to be playing sports especially those that may involve getting a bit rough, we highly recommend using a mouthguard to protect your teeth. This will ensure that your teeth stay strong and intact for the rest of the holiday season.

-Hygiene Habits
As important as it is to relax over the summer holidays, this doesn’t mean that you should let go of any hygiene habits you have worked hard to maintain. Make sure you are still brushing and flossing twice a day, and in between if you’re eating sticky foods. You don’t want to finish the summer with cavities and stained teeth!

-Avoid Over-snacking
We all know that the food over these summer holidays is delicious and in abundance and despite getting full, we somehow always want to continue eating. Snacking is a big culprit for causing cavities as we don’t think to brush after every snack, meaning bits of food tend to stick to your teeth. Avoid over-snacking and if you do, make sure you’re brushing or at least rinsing your mouth afterwards. This will keep your teeth strong and healthy all summer long.

-Book your End of Year Appointment
Finally, book in for your end of year appointment as soon as you can. Our holiday appointments are filling up quickly, so make sure you get in before we close for the year! It’s important to have an appointment before Christmas so we can make sure your teeth are healthy and ready to handle all the extra food and sweets, but remember to not overindulge.