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Food and Your Teeth

When it comes to eating right for your teeth, it all comes down to moderation. It’s much easier to eat the right things now rather than deal with cavities and gum disease later on. You can still eat the foods that you want, so long as you brush and floss afterwards and don’t eat them all the time. There are lots of great foods that help your oral health, even chocolate!



Dairy Products

Dairy products contain calcium, which can help rebuild your tooth enamel. However, cheese is a superfood when it comes to oral health. It combats erosion of teeth, so eating cheese after a meal can counteract the acidity that can be left behind by some foods. So now you have an excuse to have cheese for dessert!






Fish contains Vitamin D, which encourages the body to absorb calcium. Having enough of both of these will encourage healthy gums and teeth.

Fruit and Vegetables

Not only are fruits and veggies good for your body, but they’re great for oral hygiene too. They have lots of fibre, which somewhat scrubs your teeth. So if you’re stuck without a toothbrush, opting to snack on a piece of fruit or a vegetable is a better alternative than nothing at all! Fruits and veggies are also producers of saliva, which helps keep cavities and gum disease at bay.





Green and Black Tea

These teas contain polyphenols which kill or hold off plaque. Green and Black tea suppress the acid-producing bacteria, so a post-meal tea can be beneficial for your oral health.


Dark Chocolate

Not all sweet treats are bad! Dark chocolate has several health benefits, including your oral health. Be sure to choose dark chocolate that’s at least 70% cacao as this is what contains the good bits. It helps harden tooth enamel, thanks to a compound called CBH (cacao bean husk).



Sweets are ok when in moderation, however, for your oral health, it’s best to avoid sticky lollies that linger in the mouth. The combination of refined sugars and stickiness can cause decay. When picking a sweet treat, opt for something that is chewable and will wash away easily.



Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruits and lemons are full of vitamin c, but they’re also highly acidic. Acidity weakens tooth enamel, which can lead to decay. Lemon water is a popular drink which has it’s health benefits, however, it’s important to drink it in moderation. We also recommend drinking through a straw to avoid contact with your teeth.






Soft, starchy foods often get stuck between your teeth, so when it comes to choosing a bread, try and pick a less-refined variety. When eating soft bread your saliva breaks the starches down into sugar, which, when stuck between teeth can lead to cavities.

Alcohol and Soft Drinks

Everybody knows that sugar is bad for you and your teeth, however, people often forget that most beverages contain more sugar than lollies or chocolates. Try to avoid drinking too many sugary drinks such as carbonated soft drinks, sports drinks, even some juices and alcoholic beverages. When you do drink these drinks try and use a straw (even better, find a metal one- save your teeth and the planet!). We also recommend waiting to brush your teeth for at least half an hour after drinking a sugary drink.


Dried Fruits

Whilst dried fruits are a fairly healthy snack option, they are usually chewy. They get stuck in between your teeth, along with their natural sugars, increasing the risk of cavities. Drinking water whilst eating dried fruits can help rinse your mouth, but be sure to brush and floss afterwards!