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Cosmetic Injectables began to boom in 2016 and their popularity has only continued to grow. Cosmetic Injectables offer a quick way to bring your best-self to the front. At Greenslopes Dental, our goal is to help patients feel confident and enthusiastic about their smile. Our full smile solutions have helped many people so far, and now you don’t need to wait and pay upfront –  pay for your services with AfterPay!

It is important to remember that you will eventually have to get your fillers redone. Cosmetic injectables are not a permanent solution no matter what clinic or doctor you visit. All fillers or botox are eventually dispersed and metabolised by the body. However, you will often find it is only once every 10 – 12 months that you need to book a refill appointment. With AfterPay, patients pay for their service gradually, so that by the time they book their next appointment, they have well and truly paid off their previous injectables without having to stress over money. Because AfterPay is a 3rd party payment option, there is also no need for Greenslopes Dental to be involved in financial repayments, beyond initial setup.

Cost can be a major influencing factor for some people regarding where they go to for their cosmetic injectables. Particularly because the procedure is not permanent. When it comes to any sort of medical procedure, you should never make a choice based solely off who has the cheapest service. Often procedures that are too cheap can leave people paying much more in damage repair. If a service seems too good to be true…. It probably is.

“Permanent Fillers” are one such service. These so-called “Permanent Fillers” should be avoided at all costs. If you enter a facility and they off a once-off permanent solution, your best option is to walk away and never go back. Permanent fillers are the source of nearly all horror stories surrounding cosmetic injectables. The permanent fillers cannot be metabolised by the body and will eventually migrate – leaving you with filler lumps in places where they should be – or your body will reject the permanent filler and you will end up with lumpy infected filler that needs to be surgically removed.

Permanent fillers, as the name suggests, cannot be dissolved if you change your mind. At Greenslopes Dental, our cosmetic injectables can be dissolved almost instantly upon request. So you don’t need to worry about changing your mind!

Like all medical procedures, cosmetic injectables do come with a certain level of risk. This is why you should always approach a professional that you know is knowledgeable and licensed. You should also look for a professional that takes the time to understand your facial structure as well as your goals. At Greenslopes Dental, we believe that an experienced dentist, such as Dr Audrey Hii, is the perfect person to administer any cosmetic injectables as she has spent many, many years understanding exactly where your vital muscles, nerves and blood vessels are in the face. As a dentist, Dr Audrey Hii is also able to administer anaesthetic that can make your procedure, simple, comfortable, and calm.

A great way to manage the cost of cosmetic injectables is through AfterPay. Greenslopes Dental offer both AfterPay and ZipPay for our Cosmetic Injectables and Dental services. Being able to break up such a large sum into small manageable payments each week means that many of our patients don’t have to delay cosmetic or dental procedures. You can boost your self-confidence today without breaking the bank for the next month! Like a Self-Confidence Booster Subscription!

If you are interested in our AfterPay services for cosmetic injectables or dental procedures then don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team! We are able to answer all your questions and get you on the road to feeling like your best self.