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Looking For A Full Smile Solution?

Most commonly, patients only think about going to the dentist for preventative or reconstructive procedures; things like cleaning, fillings, crowns, whitening, and more. But what about going to the dentist to make yourself feel, not just healthy, but confident?

At Greenslopes Dental, we offer a broad range of services. Because of this, we can confidently provide full smile solutions to all of our patients. If there is something about your smile that is making you unhappy or self-conscious, we have a service that can help you feel like your authentic self. Additionally, we are also able to offer a range of cosmetic injectables services, meaning we can assist with issues that other dentists may be unable to address.

Treatments such as porcelain veneers, bridges, Fastbraces and Invisalign, as well as dermal fillers can help you feel like you’re sitting on top of the world. Many of these procedures are much more affordable, and less intrusive than patients imagine.

Below is a list of our most popular cosmetic dentistry services:

Modern braces – highly effective and designed to look good. Our fabulous Fastbraces® are the benchmark braces on the global market, proven to deliver excellent results in less time than conventional braces.

Invisalign – offers a beautiful, straight smile without the need of actual braces, instead we custom make clear plates which are practically invisible and moulded to fit and give you the straightest smile possible.

Porcelain veneers – like crowns, but smaller and used to cover teeth surfaces selectively. They’re used as a combination of cosmetic and dental health procedures. Veneers are perfect when you don’t need a crown, but need a better look and added protection for your teeth.

Crowns – replace missing tooth structures and cover discoloured or misaligned teeth. The latest crowns are 3D printed to microscopic accuracy, to ensure a perfect fit. These crowns correct misalignment problems and ensure comfort.

Teeth Whitening – helps remove stains on your teeth, which are often caused by chemical issues with the enamel and are usually related to diet. Teeth whitening offers far more than just white teeth. The procedure will also treat and eliminate the many underlying chemical issues in your teeth and mouth.

White Fillings – Advances in dentistry have allowed orthodontists to move away from using metallic fillings and towards new polymer fillings. The new white fillings are indistinguishable from your real teeth and very strong. This ensures structure, function and appearance.

Bridges – can be used to replace missing teeth. If a tooth is extracted, it can leave behind a gap that makes chewing difficult. The teeth on either side of the gap can be used to support a porcelain tooth and thus the gap will be filled. A bridge is cemented to the teeth, so it is not removable. From this point of view, a bridge will feel like a natural tooth when chewing.

Gummy Smile Correction – A gum display or what is referred to as a ‘gummy smile’ occurs when a larger than normal amount of gum tissue is show and exposed during a smile, which may be unsightly in certain situations

If you are interested in any of the above services or would like to find out about a custom smile solution, then contact our friendly team today.