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How To Get The Perfect Christmas Smile

You can achieve the near-perfect smile in time for Xmas with Cosmetic Injectables

Christmas and New Year’s are a time filled with love, laughter, smiles… and photos.

You want to look back at all those memories and see the great times you shared, not the things that irritate you about your smile. So, how do you ensure you’re looking your best when the camera turns your way?

Greenslopes Dental can offer a complete smile makeover with our combination of dental and cosmetic injectable services. Our team specialise in enhancing your natural beauty using less invasive measures. Whether you are looking to fix a gummy smile, broken or discoloured teeth, a crooked smile, or anything else; our caring team will have you smiling confidently.

The best part is, our confidence-boosting services don’t just extend to dental work. We are also able to perform other cosmetic procedures, such as smoothing wrinkles and laugh lines, bringing out the natural features of the face, lessening shadows around the eyes, or helping fix the appearance of scars.

One of our popular services that can treat all of these issues is Cosmetic Injectables. Cosmetic injectables and dermal fillers have been around for many years, however, popularity surged in 2016 and has been gaining momentum ever since.

Injectables offer a simple and non-invasive enhancement alternative to surgery. Not to mention, results are reversible. If you change your mind, we can reverse it!

While cosmetic injectables are simple from a client’s perspective, there are still complex elements that need to be addressed from the clinician’s side. This is why using a certified professional for your service is paramount.

Dr Audrey Hii is, not only, a licensed dentist; she is also fully certified through the Australasian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics (AADFA). She has spent years studying the human face and its web of nerves and blood vessels.

For Dr Hii’s patients, this means an all-encompassing service with a dentist they trust. For those new to the clinic, it means you can rest assured that the person administering your cosmetic injectables has spent extensive time learning and training the perfect way to administer your procedure.

If you would like to enhance your natural beauty, then don’t hesitate, contact our friendly and helpful staff today.