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Fastbraces Benefits – What Are The Advantages?

What Are Fastbraces Benefits and Advantages?

When it comes to considering braces for your teeth – lets gets a few facts straight.

If you are weighing up the types of braces for your teeth that will both look good and reduce the amount of time you will need to use them, then Fastbraces must be considered.

As a relatively new approach to teeth straightening in Australia, you will be surprised to learn that Fastbraces has over 30 years of research and development behind it, assisting with its growth in  the European, American and British markets over several years.

Fastbraces are the easy and emerging alternative to traditional braces to help you straighten your teeth and achieve your dream smile. It is suitable for all ages to assist with straightening crooked teeth, and it has one clear advantage over its competitors – speed.

As the name clearly suggests, Fastbraces can straighten teeth in as little as 3 months (that’s correct – 90 days) and the average time most patients spend wearing Fastbraces is under 12 months.

This modern form of teeth straightening is highly recommended for customers who are may have high canines, crowded teeth, an open bite, noticeable spacing between teeth and / or a cross bite. There is often no extraction of current teeth which patients find both a relief and clear advantage.

Give it to me straight.. What are the differences between Fastbraces and Traditional Braces?

Traditional braces have been around for decades, and it makes sense that as technology and society progress, that dental services and our procedures adapt and progress too.

We have listed some of the benefits below that you can expect to receive from wearing Fastbraces in comparison to traditional braces.

  • Traditional brace wearers can expect to wear them for typically around 2 years – with Fastbraces most patients achieve results in 12 months or under
  • Traditional braces use multiple wires and typically report higher levels of pain and discomfort, compared to Fastbraces which uses just the one wire
  • Fastbraces aims to preserve your natural bite– this is a change from traditional braces which can change the original bite you were born with
  • Unlike traditional braces which can require teeth to be extracted, Fastbraces patients benefit from almost never requiring any form of extraction
  • Root movement occurs immediately with Fastbraces along with less root resorption, a change from delayed movement using traditional braces with more root resorption
  • The clear majority of Fastbraces patients pay less than those who choose traditional braces

Therefore, the benefits are straight forward. Fastbraces typically cost less, straighten your teeth faster, cause less discomfort and rarely require any additional teeth extraction.

There is no greater time to enquire about straightening your teeth effectively, professionally and as the name suggests – Fast!